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Why I love Salesforce and the IdeaExchange

Some have asked me why I love Salesforce so much, and why I spend such a great deal of time submitting, commenting, and voting on Ideas on the IdeaExchange.  Here is a list of the primary reasons that motivate me to invest so much in this community:

  • To me, is one of the most revolutionary platforms ever to come into the information technology marketplace. The power that it gives average users to structure, capture, and analyze data is trule remarkable. It is something that I haven’t seen anyone else match or beat to date.  With every release, the need for writing code to build robust applications is remarkably diminished, and the efficiency with which custom applications can be deployed is also remarkable and unmatched in my experience. I want to help this great platform become even better, and eliminate any obstacles to adoption that I uncover.
  • The IdeaExchange was the first community I ever encountered where it was clearly accessible and encouraged to submit concepts for product improvement to an organization, and easily share those concepts with your peers in the community so that they could promote them as well. I had been looking for an outlet like this for many products that I was passionate about, and discovering the IdeaExchange was tremendously exciting. Salesforce was the first company that I know of to offer a product focused on this amazingly simple but powerful paradigm, and has been the most successful by far in helping other companies implement this model. 
  • I have been privileged to consult with a large number of Salesforce customers, users, and administrators, so I hear a number of unique feature and enhancement requests for the platform. Most of these people are not ready or interested in participating in the IdeaExchange, so I feel a responsibility to make sure that their Ideas are heard and promoted. Because I spend so much time on the IdeaExchange, I can also give customers and users some insight about what Ideas have already been submitted, and the likelihood or timeframe in which those Ideas might be implemented.
  • Participating in the IdeaExchange (or any Ideas community that has such positive momentum) is increasingly rewarding, as it enables you to connect directly with other users, partners, and product owners that you would likely have never interacted with in other types of communitites. It also gives you a greater sense of ownership in the community, because you are contributing something that the group can objectively identify as valuable. 

I’ve really been amazed at how rapidly the IdeaExchange community has grown and the amount of impact that it has had on the platform. I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to evolve!

My blogging adventure begins…

I’m already many years late to the party, but I was making some other changes in my life and career and decided that it was a good time to start trying to catch up with my friends and peers by blogging about my passions in technology and business. 

I anticipate that my blog will initially and primarily focus on thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to my work on the platform, and occaisionally branch out into other topics in the larger world of web application development, technology platforms, and so on.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and I hope that you’ll leave a comment if you find something you’re interested in discussing!